Pownall et al. Science 2023

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Please cite the following manuscript if using the datasets:

Mark Pownall et al.
Chromatin expansion microscopy reveals nanoscale organization of transcription and chromatin.
Science. 2023

Microscopy Movies

Annotated S1: Nanog-H3
Annotated S2: Nanog-Pol2_WT
Annotated S3: Pol2_EU
Annotated S4: Nanog-Pol2_a-amanitin

UCSC genome tracks

Trackhub for sequencing datasets


Primary contigs generated using hifiasm version 0.18.2.

Title Giraldez replicate_id biosample_accession FASTA & GFA files
miR-430 -/- Haploid PacBio HiFi B1 AGN003547 SAMN34415075 FASTA GFA
miR-430 -/- Haploid PacBio HiFi B2 AGN003548 SAMN34415076 FASTA GFA
WT Haploid PacBio HiFi B1 AGN003549 SAMN34415077 FASTA GFA
WT Haploid PacBio HiFi B2 AGN003550 SAMN34415078 FASTA GFA